Apex® Strings was born not to be “just another string”, but instead a creative, innovative, and unique string alternative to the everyday options players have used for decades.  With due respect for string history, Apex® asks the question:  “What can a string offer to allow the good player to be better and a great player to be extraordinary?”.

String Theory

Instead of accepting the status quo, Apex® began to theorize the essence of player technique as well as tone.  Players have spent their lives searching for the ideal set-up, the perfect pickups, pedals, amps, and even their instruments to arrive at a signature tone.  Apex® String Theory states that the strings can play a greater role than ever before considered.


Apex® was built on a single innovation, but rather from a collection of player comments, endless testing, and an absolute understanding of how the string should perform within the creative musical performance.  We learned early on that the end result is the “perfect” performance.  Our #1 goal was to help shape the tone and the ability of the player to play with effortless comfort to allow more expression.

String Experts

We did not just wake up one morning and decide we should make strings.. We have spent decades developing our signature way of making strings.  We weren’t satisfied, or interested with just making “another” string.  We earned the right to be called “String Experts”.  We have seen so many marketing efforts disguised as product improvements that we just could not allow ourselves to do that.  Total Understanding of why a strings perform a certain way is our cornerstone.  How we find ways to influence Apex® Strings and their specific qualities is our passion.

Artist Support

It isn’t too hard to understand that today’s artists are always looking for the “silver bullet” to push their tone and expression to new limits.  It is also rare that seasoned artists support a relatively new product.  We all know that we are blessed with the support from artists who represent every genre of music.  We like to think that we have earned their trust, and we will continue our work to keep it.

Simply The Best

A reviewer recently commented that it took a “bit of brass” to name our company “Apex”, which we understood at the outset.  Once he played Apex® he understood our “brass”.  We take nothing for granted when it comes to the name.  We set out to be the most creative, unique, and innovative strings on the market today.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Check us out on social media and see what great players are saying about Apex® and order a set to test for yourself.  Feel and Hear the difference!

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