String Design – The 3 T’s of Apex® String Design

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String Design – The 3 T’s of Apex® String Design

Apex® Strings is unique.  Beginning with our string philosophy, we set our strict design and manufacturing rules to always focus on the player.    We take our role in the music world very seriously.  We all know that great players take years to perfect their signature style and we feel that we can help.  We thought that maybe we could explain a little about our approach at Apex®.

The 3 T’s of String Design and Creation

There are plenty of string brands.  Some might argue too many.  Trust that we thought about that before we decided to begin our work on Apex®.  We asked ourselves, why would a player switch to a new brand, and we decided that we could offer a better string, featuring superior design properties that we knew would help players to achieve their goals.  Apex® String Theory has a few unique considerations that are special.  We call it the 3 T’s of String Design.  These are quite simple.  They are Tension, Texture, and Tone, and they are so relative to performance that we had a hard time believing that this made us unique, but it does.


No matter which Apex® string series, Apex® has an steadfast, established rule to build ultra playable strings.  Calculating the “embedded tension” that we pre-set our strings to play with, allows us to tend to the playability while assuring that the tone is powerful.  This is a critical feature of ALL Apex® products.


Over the years, strings were compressed, burnished, ground and polished.  While these methods did deliver a “smoother” textured string, it also killed the string harmonics.  The patented Apex® Hyper Elliptical Winding Process resolved that problem.  While using wire shaping as its method, we don’t compress from the peaks.  We actually improve the smoothness and the tonal properties.


To achieve great tone, Apex® uses decades of practice, testing, and string science together to create “designed tone”.   We collaborated with some of the world’s greatest players along the way to assure that we earned their trust.  Our feeling is that our 3 Ts are like the legs on a stool.  Each factor has it’s own effect on tone.  Each is equally important to building a great string.  Everything in balance.  Each T is related to the others.  This is how we design great tone at Apex®.

Artist Support

It isn’t too hard to understand that today’s artists are always looking for the “silver bullet” to push their tone and expression to new limits.  It is also rare that seasoned artists support a relatively new product.  At Apex®, we know that we are blessed with the support from artists who represent every genre of music.  We like to think that we have earned their trust, and we will continue our work to keep it.

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