Apex® Strings Endorsement Family Grows – José Quezada

We are so happy to welcome José Quezada from Conjunto Senzzible to our Apex® Strings Endorsement Family José writes:  Hello everyone, I am a professional musician that have played the Bajoquinto/Bajosexto as a trade and have been in the music business for almost 20 years as a musician and vocalist. In my career, I have […]

Behind Apex® Fara Fara Bajo Quinto Strings

At Apex®, we have been so fortunate to be embraced by so many wonderful players from the genre of Regional Mexican Music.  After much conversation with our outstanding Mexican Distributor, and the suggestions from players, we are proud to introduce our new Apex® Fara Fara Bajoquinto Set (SXB2478F). We want to honor the heritage and […]

Apex Strings – Defined Performance

Whether On Stage, or in the Studio, Apex® Endorsing Artist Ira Ingber is the epitome of an artistically technical professional who knows how to get the most out of his equipment.  Ira tells us about how Apex® Strings support his quest for ideal tone.  “Signal Flow, the concept applies across multiple facets of out audio […]

Joe Hudson – From Rock to Thumbstyle, Apex® Works!

Our friend and Endorsing Artist, Joe Hudson has a great flexibility to his playing style.  Here is what he says about how Apex® Strings give him an edge. There are so many factors that make up our tone on the guitar. From the type/brand of guitar, to the amp, and there are the effects that […]

Daniel Sanchez – Apex® Strings Review

Being a professional musician since 1992 that plays both the 12 string guitar and Bajoquinto I have used countless sets of strings from different companies and apex strings are by far the best strings I have ever used. The hyper elliptical process has taken the quality of guitar, Bajo Quinto and bass guitar strings to […]

The Bottom Line – A Bass Players Take

Apex® Endorsing Artist, Jon Button is a highly sought LA Bass Player who is currently touring as part of the touring band for The Who.  Here is Jon’s take on Apex Bass Strings.  There are several attributes that I love about Apex strings. I love the tone. They have the right amount of the right […]

Why Apex® Strings?

Apex® Strings was born not to be “just another string”, but instead a creative, innovative, and unique string alternative to the everyday options players have used for decades.  With due respect for string history, Apex® asks the question:  “What can a string offer to allow the good player to be better and a great player […]