Phenom’s Corner- A Young Blues Master Explains

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Phenom’s Corner- A Young Blues Master Explains

Apex® Endorsing Artist, Jake Kershaw is a young, award winning, “Blues Phenom”.  He explains why he plays Apex®.

Being a guitar player who is starting a journey into the vast music industry, I look for gear that very specifically suits what I need, and I don’t settle for less. When I grab my guitar of choice for a night on stage, I want to know that everything will feel comfortable and my fingers won’t have to struggle all night. Though the pickups, the wood, or even the pots on a guitar can make a difference on tone and feel, I believe the strings make the biggest difference by letting me express myself during every show. I use fairly heavy strings, which can take a toll on one’s hands, but with Apex, my strings give me just the right amount of tension and make bending a lot less of a hassle. They feel fast and smooth, and don’t tend to wear as fast as other strings I have tried, meaning sometimes multiple shows without a set of dead strings. The difference they make in tone is very noticeable, and I’m not hit with an overly bright or tinny sound. It’s a wonderful feeling to grab my guitar knowing that I can play to my fullest ability without having to struggle with a bad set of strings, and because of this, I enjoy playing the instrument more and more every time I pick it up. Without strings on a guitar, not a sound would be made, so when I choose a set of strings to fit me and give the rock solid tone I strive for, I go straight to Apex.

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