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Lencho Fraire: Secret for “Powerful Sound”

Our friend and Apex® Endorsing Artist Lenco Fraire says [...]

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Joe Hudson – From Rock to Thumbstyle, Apex® Works!

Our friend and Endorsing Artist, Joe Hudson has a [...]

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Daniel Sanchez – Apex® Strings Review

Being a professional musician since 1992 that plays both the [...]

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Phenom’s Corner- A Young Blues Master Explains

Apex® Endorsing Artist, Jake Kershaw is a young, award [...]

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Bajo Players – We’ve Found Our Strings

Apex® Strings Artist, Saul Majalca is the Bajo Quinto [...]

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Why Apex® Strings?

Apex® Strings was born not to be "just another string", [...]

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The Bottom Line – A Bass Players Take

Apex® Endorsing Artist, Jon Button is a highly sought [...]

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