Joe Hudson – From Rock to Thumbstyle, Apex® Works!

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Joe Hudson – From Rock to Thumbstyle, Apex® Works!

Our friend and Endorsing Artist, Joe Hudson has a great flexibility to his playing style.  Here is what he says about how Apex® Strings give him an edge.

There are so many factors that make up our tone on the guitar. From the type/brand of guitar, to the amp, and there are the effects that the player chooses. The main elements that complete our tone and most definitely makes each individual stand out are our fingers and the “touch” that we use, and what is the first contact point on the guitar between your touch and fingers and your instrument? You guessed it, the strings! There are times during a weekend that I may have to play a variety of styles ranging from Southern Rock to Country, and from Classic Rock to Merle Travis / Chet Atkins Thumbpicking Style.
In the past, I found myself using two or three string brands to have the right amount of “snap & growl” for one style, and just enough “mellow” for another. I have found that Apex strings have just the right blend of all of the elements I need that I no longer have to keep multiple brands on hand, but only one – Apex Hyper Ellipticals.  They respond well on everything from light passages, to laying into my favorite Southern Rock riff, all while bending nicely and maintaining a smooth feel. Apex strings simply have what I have been looking for – tone, feel, & stability all in one package. Though my style & tone may vary greatly during a performance, my selection of strings will always stay the same, Apex!

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