Apex FAQs

Apex® Strings is culmination of nearly 30 years of work in the string manufacturing industry.  Having made a significant impact to string design, founder Jeff Landtroop was finally convinced to take his signature designs, and patented methods to offer a new, fresh, and unique brand.

Apex® Strings are unique!  Simply put, artists realize that string choices can be pivotable decision. At Apex® we say “Designed With Players in Mind” and we mean it.  Artists know it!

Our Hyper Elliptical Series Strings are named perfectly for the process that we create some of the fastest, smoothest, easiest playing strings ever.  It’s so unique that the U.S Patent office granted our patent.

Apex® has been passionate about making strings that allow players to be better players.  We take the unique approach to shape the natural, inherent properties that create the tone of each string category, to support Apex® players shape their personal tone.  It works!

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