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Apex® Strings Endorsement Family Grows – José Quezada

We are so happy to welcome José Quezada from Conjunto Senzzible to our Apex® Strings Endorsement Family

José writes:  Hello everyone, I am a professional musician that have played the Bajoquinto/Bajosexto as a trade and have been in the music business for almost 20 years as a musician and vocalist. In my career, I have used from all different brands including international brands. I had the pleasure to use Apex, for the first time and describing the quality and sound of the great strings would take a while. The best strings I have ever used in terms of quality and sound. The hyper elliptical concept comes to improve the sound(s) in many string instruments, but for me in particular, revamped the sound of my Bajoquinto. A bright, and smooth finish that allows me to play very comfortable and gives me confidence when performing. I was recently endorsed by a competitor brand, but decided to part ways with hopes of joining the Apex Family as an endorsed musician. That’s how good these strings are and they are highly recommended. –José Quezada-

Hola a todos, soy un músico profesional que he tocado el Bajoquinto / Bajosexto como oficio y he estado en el negocio de la música durante casi 20 años como músico y vocalista. En mi carrera, he utilizado de todas las marcas diferentes, incluidas las marcas internacionales. Tuve el placer de usar las cuerdas Apex por primera vez y describir la calidad y el sonido de las grandes cuerdas tomaría un tiempo. Las mejores cuerdas que he usado en términos de calidad y sonido. El concepto hiperelíptico viene a mejorar el sonido (s) en muchos instrumentos de cuerda, pero para mí en particular, renovó el sonido de mi Bajoquinto. Un acabado brillante y suave que me permite tocar muy cómodo y me da confianza en los eventos. Recientemente fui patrocinado por una marca de la competencia, pero decidí separarme con la esperanza de unirme a la familia Apex como un músico patrocinado. Asi de exelentes están estas cuerdas y son altamente recomendables. –Jose Quezada-


José Quezada has played for almost 20 years in a variety of bands of different genre and styles. From his early years playing Rondalla (acoustic Guitar) music, to Norteño music, transitioning to Tejano music and now playing Conjunto Music (Tex-Mex). Jose has played internationally and nation wide here in the United States. Jose’s highlights include performing in the Las Vegas Tejano Convention, The Tejano Music Awards, The Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair, The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Conjunto Festival, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo “The Hideout”.  With several years of experience, Jose has left his mark not only has a musician but as a song writer as well. Jose has had the privilige of recording several albums which include his origibal compositions. Presently, Jose is a member of Conjunto Senzzible from Houston TX where is heavily active in continuing his quest in the entertainmet world.

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