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Apex Strings – Defined Performance

Whether On Stage, or in the Studio, Apex® Endorsing Artist Ira Ingber is the epitome of an artistically technical professional who knows how to get the most out of his equipment.  Ira tells us about how Apex® Strings support his quest for ideal tone.

“Signal flow. The concept applies across multiple facets of our audio world. The signal flow concept in terms of the guitar is pretty straightforward. With a guitar, it simply begins with the vibration of a string. Of course wood types and bridges are major factors. With an electric guitar, the pickups, the amplifier and its components, including the quality of the audio cable bring more variables into the mix. 
It’s a game of small percentages. Replace the stock bridge with a more resonant one, add some well-voiced pickups, and you’ll start to see gains in the quest for tone. But, if the strings aren’t up to the task, then all will be for naught. Remember, everything begins with the vibration of the string. 
I’ve found Apex strings to be up to the task. The fundamentals are strong and well-defined. They’re consistent, well-tensioned. They work beautifully on both 24 3/4″ as well as 25 1/2″ guitars.
As far as I’m concerned, a better string doesn’t exist.”
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