Apex® Electric Guitar Strings

Traditional Electric Guitar Strings

Apex® Traditional Electric Strings are the result of decades of refinement.  Our processes in creating these strings are on a level of their own.  Choosing great materials and following our time-proven string making methods we create a Traditional String, second to none.  Our years of collaboration with Artists have proven that we build strings that define playability and give the player everything they expect…and more!

Hyper Elliptical Electric Guitar Strings

Apex® Hyper Elliptical Electric Strings are possibly the most technically unique strings made today.  Our patented Winding Method creates qualities entirely unique.  This design is purely why we say “Designed With Players in Mind”.  The characteristic smoothness and playability allows a good player to be better and a great player to be even greater.  Beta Tested from the outset, we let players do our talking and we are proud of what they say!

Traditional Cryos Electric Guitar Strings

Apex® Traditional Cryo Electric Strings are driven by both our string making experience and understanding along with our involvement in pioneering the development of using cryogenic processes in our field.  Our Cryogenic Processing offers Apex® Cryo Strings added life and durability.  Players asked for the best possible Cryo String and Apex delivered!

Hyper Elliptical Cryo Electric Guitar Strings

Apex® Hyper Elliptical Electric Strings combine two of the most technical processes to make the most unique strings anywhere, period!!  We use our patented Winding Method to create the fastest, smoothest, easiest playing string and then we use our Cryo Process to add all of the favorable traits that cryogenics can bring to strings.  No one else can do what we do with strings.  Ask players who have tried them.  Many have a new number 1 string!!