Apex® Strings 

Our History

Designed With Players in Mind


Introducing, APEX STRINGS.
Apex refers to the highest point. In the case of Apex Strings, the word has special meaning.
Each manufacturer of musical strings has specific methods for making strings that appeal to players for one reason or another. Generally, those preferences are rooted in tension related feel and tone. This pursuit of the ideal feel and tone has seldom involved innovations that have truly changed the string making process. In most cases, the process has remained the same as it was for many decades.
The introduction of APEX STRINGS is the result of a lifetime of work in the string manufacturing field. Its creator, Jeff Landtroop, has spent over 35 years working in string manufacturing.
Working with one of the most recognizable string companies, Jeff brought a genuine love for the guitar, to his work.  Being creative and curious, Jeff has always challenged conventional wisdom.  He has always been driven to improve strings.  This has allowed Jeff to work with some of the world’s best players to get their special feel and sound.
Jeff worked on the cutting edge of many string developments and those opportunities convinced him that string making could be improved.  Everything from the development of special machinery, designing strings based on a players tension needs, to Cryogenic Treatment, he’s been there through it all.
Spending several years consulting for the string industry, allowed him to help some other well-known companies to develop as well.
In 2012, Jeff was granted patent #8,283,539 B2 for the “Musical Instrument String with Hyper-Elliptical Wound Cover Wire”. This “invention” took years of research and process development. Jeff explains, “The string’s development began as a discussion with sound engineers, moved to a hands-on design approach, became a redesign of string winding equipment, then it became a collaboration with beta test players and music professionals. The end result became a string so unique that many of the world’s greatest players are using them today.  Adding “I would never have imagined ‘the world’s best players’ would change to a fully redesigned string.
We are truly happy to introduce the Apex “Hyper-Ellipticals” Series, as well as our Apex “Traditionals” Series, and our Apex “Cryos” which adds the Cryogenic process to both design families. And we expect that we will continue to be creative in our approach to new products.
One last thing….our motto is “Designed with Players in Mind” …and they truly are…